Worldcoin, Backed by Sam Altman, Surpasses 2 Million Sign-Ups Following Extensive Tour

Worldcoin’s World ID project, which aims to provide a global digital passport and protect user privacy through zero-knowledge proofs, has surpassed two million sign-ups. The project, currently in beta testing, achieved this milestone in less time than it took to reach the first million users, according to a statement released on July 13.

To participate in the World ID program and obtain a digital passport, individuals are required to visit an “orb” and scan one of their irises, creating a unique IrisHash that verifies their identity. Successful upload of biometric data rewards users with Worldcoin, the project’s native cryptocurrency.

Worldcoin attributed its surge in sign-ups to a recent multi-city tour across Barcelona, Berlin, and Tokyo. The tour, averaging 40,000 new verified World ID members weekly, played a significant role in driving user adoption. As demand increases, Worldcoin expects the availability of the eye-scanning devices, known as “Orbs,” to expand globally in the coming months.

The project also highlighted the integration of the World ID protocol by other platforms. Okta’s Auth0 and Talent Protocol have started utilizing World ID and Worldcoin in their onboarding processes, contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.

Worldcoin introduced the World App, a gas-free crypto wallet for verified individuals, on May 8. Just a few weeks later, on May 25, the project raised $115 million in a Series C funding round to support the wider rollout of the World ID program.

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