Worldcoin Admits Responsibility for Mysterious Safe Deployments, Raises Questions

In a social media post on June 27, Tiago Sada, the head of product for Tools for Humanity, the developer of Worldcoin, confirmed that Worldcoin was responsible for the recent surge in Safe deployments on the Optimism network. The deployments had caused speculation and intrigue on Twitter, as users sought to uncover the motives behind these actions. Initial theories ranged from concerns about Sybil attacks to address-farming techniques aimed at profiting from misdirected coins.

Safes, previously known as “Gnosis Safe,” are multisignature smart contract wallets commonly used by development teams to ensure multiple approvals for transactions involving shared funds or app upgrades. They are also utilized in some consumer wallets that employ account abstraction, enabling gas-free transactions.

Given Worldcoin’s emphasis on gas-free transactions for verified humans, the project extensively employs Safes. Recently, the Worldcoin team announced its migration from Polygon to Optimism, sparking the series of deployments.

Between June 21 and June 27, address 0x86c5608362b3fbbeb721140472229392f754ef87 on the Optimism network created over 50 subaccounts, each performing between 10,000 and 15,000 transactions, primarily generating new Safe wallets. The unusual transactions were first noticed by on-chain researcher Spreek, who shared the discovery through a Twitter thread.

Spreek expressed confusion about the transactions, admitting, “Gnosis Safes are basically wizardry to me ngl.” In response, Luigi.eth, a contributor to the GnosisDAO, assured the community that the Gnosis team had been alerted, although the transactions did not appear to be malicious.

Parsec Finance founder Will Sheehan shared the thread, adding cryptically, “I think we can guess with p high probability what this is.” This led to various speculations among Sheehan’s followers, with some suggesting a potential Sybil attack and others considering it an attempt to gather addresses that may receive funds mistakenly in the future.

However, several users on Spreek and Sheehan’s threads speculated that the deployments were not an attack but rather related to Worldcoin’s app migration to Optimism.

Eyeball coin, a term mentioned in the discussions, was later revealed to refer to Worldcoin. Tools for Humanity’s Sada disclosed the truth behind the deployments by resharing Spreek’s original post and stating, “Deploying more Safes – steady lads,” indicating that the transactions were indeed part of Worldcoin’s migration process.

Consequently, Optimism users can breathe a sigh of relief as the network does not appear to be facing a massive Sybil attack or address-farming scheme, at least not in relation to these particular transactions.

Optimism recently upgraded to its new “Bedrock” version on June 6, introducing lower fees and shorter deposit times. Since the upgrade, the network has witnessed a significant surge in transaction volume.

Please note: This article has been created for illustrative purposes and does not reflect actual events. Any resemblance to real-world entities or situations is purely coincidental.

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