Worldcoin Addresses Reports of Lackluster Takeup, Altman Points to Japan Queues

released a video showcasing enthusiastic users in Japan queuing up to participate in the project. The video reveals a long line of individuals eager to receive $50 worth of Worldcoin (WLD) tokens or 25 WLD in exchange for their identification through an iris scan.

According to Altman’s tweet, one person was getting verified every 8 seconds, indicating a significant level of interest in Japan. However, Worldcoin has yet to respond to requests for comment, leaving the accuracy of the information shared on Twitter unconfirmed.

The Orb, as explained in Worldcoin’s introductory letter, serves as a biometric verification device, granting users a unique World ID upon successful data collection. The company plans to establish Orb venues globally to streamline the onboarding process on an international scale.

While the response in Japan appears encouraging, the reception in Hong Kong has been less enthusiastic. Reports indicate that the three Orbs in Hong Kong registered only 200 sign-ups on the first day and 600 in total.

Despite Worldcoin’s apparent progress in signups, some prominent entrepreneurs, including Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, have expressed concerns about the project. They believe that the proposed system could undermine the foundational principles of the crypto ecosystem, such as privacy, accessibility, and decentralization.

Privacy and data safety have also become points of concern, potentially leading to resistance from data regulators in the United Kingdom. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has reportedly raised issues about privacy and the security of critical biometric data. However, an ICO spokesperson clarified that they have not made any public announcements confirming or denying their investigation into Worldcoin, refraining from providing further comments until such an announcement is made.

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