World Mobile’s Expansion Reaches Google Play, Now Available in Australia, Canada, UK, and US

Decentralized wireless (DeWi) network operator World Mobile has taken a significant step forward by launching its app on Google Play for users located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Tanzania. This momentous launch follows a series of beta tests conducted across regions that are typically underserved in terms of mobile connectivity, including Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria. It’s noteworthy that the World Mobile app is already accessible in Zanzibar.

World Mobile’s ethos centers around bridging the connectivity gap in underserved markets, positioning itself as an alternative to major telecom players. The company’s approach involves not only delivering connectivity services but also championing a blockchain-based sharing system supported by its proprietary token, the World Mobile Token (WMT), and other tokens built on the Cardano blockchain.

The company employs a strategic blend of existing infrastructure and innovative technology solutions to cater to users’ needs. In certain regions, World Mobile has harnessed “TV white space,” an underutilized television broadcast spectrum, to transmit and receive data. In other areas, it has adapted SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service to cater to mobile customers’ requirements.

The Google Play launch showcases the latest version of the World Mobile app. However, due to varying regulatory frameworks in different countries, some features may not be universally accessible. The company acknowledges this, stating, “It’s important to note that while this release introduces an array of exciting features, not all functions will be universally available due to the varying regulatory frameworks in different countries.”

In a parallel development, World Mobile has entered into a strategic partnership with SingularityNET, a prominent artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company. According to an official blog post by World Mobile, this collaboration aims to jointly develop and manage customer service solutions for the World Mobile platform. The partnership also outlines plans to explore an AI and blockchain-based lending and credit approval service, designed to adapt to users’ payment history and reputation.

World Mobile’s expansion efforts and strategic collaborations underscore its commitment to advancing connectivity solutions in both emerging and established markets. With its DeWi approach and integration of cutting-edge technologies, the company continues to shape the landscape of global telecommunications.

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