VeChain and SingularityNET Forge Alliance to Leverage AI in the Battle Against Climate Change

Blockchain technology firm VeChain and artificial intelligence company SingularityNET have joined forces in a novel partnership aimed at combatting carbon emissions and addressing climate change through the fusion of blockchain and AI technologies.

In recent times, the cryptocurrency industry has borne witness to a growing trend of collaboration between blockchain and AI, as these two cutting-edge fields recognize the potential synergies they offer.

On August 24th, VeChain, a blockchain renowned for its smart contract compatibility and supply chain tracking capabilities, unveiled an impactful collaboration with SingularityNET, a decentralized platform for sharing AI services.

According to a joint statement, this partnership seeks to blend VeChain’s enterprise data capabilities with SingularityNET’s advanced AI algorithms. The goal is to amplify the automation of manual processes and furnish real-time data insights.

SingularityNET’s CEO, Ben Goertzel, highlighted the inherent compatibility between blockchain and AI, emphasizing how they can together tackle challenges that conventional methodologies often struggle with. Goertzel remarked that recent years have illustrated the extraordinary potential unlocked when the right AI algorithms converge with pertinent data and robust processing power.

To illustrate the partnership’s potential, Goertzel envisioned a scenario in which AI harnesses VeChain’s blockchain data to discover innovative methods for optimizing carbon emissions and minimizing pollution—a crucial endeavor in the fight against climate change.

VeChain’s Chief Technology Officer, Antonio Senatore, added his perspective, noting that blockchain and AI can catalyze transformative capabilities across industries, ushering in fresh operational avenues.

The intersection of AI and blockchain has been gaining momentum. In July, Bitcoin miner Hive Blockchain pivoted its business strategy, adopting AI as part of its pursuits in the evolving landscape. Aydin Kilic, CEO of Hive Digital Technologies, acknowledged that blockchain and AI are dual pillars of Web3.

In a similar vein, Ethereum layer-2 scaling network Polygon incorporated AI technology in June. This AI interface, named Polygon Copilot, facilitates developers’ access to analytics and insights for Decentralized Applications (DApps) on the network.

Dr. Daoyuan Wu, an AI researcher affiliated with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and MetaTrust Labs, observed that AI’s inherent autonomy harmonizes seamlessly with the decentralized and self-governing attributes of blockchain and smart contracts. He emphasized the potential for AI to shift the current centralized governance paradigm pervasive in the blockchain ecosystem towards genuine decentralization.

MetaTrust Labs is concurrently working on a pioneering project named GPTScan, which amalgamates Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) and static analysis to detect logic vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Dr. Daoyuan highlighted that GPTScan represents a novel tool that employs GPT to identify potential vulnerable functions grounded in code-level scenarios and properties.

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