Twitter’s Controversial Gesture: Takes Over @X Handle, Offers User Merchandise and HQ Trip as Gratitude

Twitter, now rebranded as X under the ownership of Elon Musk, has been making headlines with its transformation into a new name, logo, and overall look and feel. This revamp of the 17-year-old social media platform is part of Musk’s broader vision to develop X into a more extensive ecosystem platform.

In a recent turn of events, a screenshot shared on the alternative social media platform Stacker.News revealed that representatives of X had sent an email to a user who had originally registered the @X Twitter profile. The email informed the user that the platform would be taking over the account and that the @X handle would be affiliated with X Corp. As a result, the user’s handle would be changed to a new one, and they were given the option to select an unclaimed or inactive handle to replace it. The user’s data was set to be migrated to the new profile.

However, the email did not offer any monetary compensation to the user for the change. Instead, as a gesture of appreciation, X provided the user with a selection of company merchandise and a unique opportunity to visit the social media platform’s headquarters in San Francisco and meet members of the team.

While this development showcases X’s efforts to take control of the @X handle, it remains uncertain if the user in question accepted the offer or how they responded to the email.

Previous reports from Mashable suggest that the owner of the @X username before the rebrand was Gene X. Hwang, who apparently did not receive communication from the social media company amidst the initial reports about the name change to X.

As X continues its rebranding journey, the platform’s actions regarding the @X handle and the offers made to the user have generated public interest and sparked discussions about the implications of such moves in the social media landscape.

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