Twitter Suspends AI Bot Linked to Memecoin Following Elon Musk’s “Scam Crypto” Allegation

Twitter has taken action to suspend the account of the popular artificial intelligence-powered bot called “Explain This Bob,” which was associated with a memecoin. The suspension came after Elon Musk accused the account of being involved in a “scam crypto” scheme. Musk made the allegation in a tweet on June 18, directed at the bot, and shortly thereafter, the account was suspended.

Before its suspension, the Explain This Bob account had gathered a significant following of over 400,000 users. Created by Prabhu Biswal from India, the bot utilized OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to comprehend tweets and provide responses to those who tagged the account.

The project was also associated with the ERC-20 memecoin called Bob Token (BOB), which was launched in April. The suspension reportedly caused the price of BOB to drop by more than 30%, as reported by CoinGecko.

This move by Twitter marks a reversal of Musk’s previous impression of the bot. On April 20, Musk had tweeted, “I love Bob,” in response to one of the bot’s tweets, which was prominently featured on the project’s website.

While Twitter has taken action against the Explain This Bob account, no action has been taken against the Bob Token account. In response to the suspension, the project’s team humorously shared a meme depicting Musk monitoring a distraught “Bob” in prison.

Observers speculate that Musk may believe that Explain This Bob is being utilized as a marketing tactic to artificially inflate the price of BOB.

Following the suspension, the hashtag “FREEBOB” has gained traction on Crypto Twitter. Many observers argue that BOB is not a scam coin and consider the suspension unwarranted, noting that the token launch was conducted in a fair manner. They also highlight that BOB is “fully decentralized” and features a 0% tax mechanism.

Crypotografos reached out to Prabhu Biswal and Twitter for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

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