TON Blockchain Introduces On-Chain Encrypted Messaging Feature

The TON Foundation, developer of the Open Network (TON), announced the launch of an on-chain encrypted messaging feature on July 3. This new feature enables users to send private messages to other TON users.

TON originated as a blockchain network based on code developed by the team behind the Telegram messaging app. Although Telegram abandoned the project in 2020 before launching a mainnet, it released the TON code as open source for further development.

The current iteration of TON, built by the TON Foundation, boasts enhanced scalability and transaction throughput compared to other Web3 options, while maintaining decentralization.

Previously, TON allowed users to include messages in transactions, but these messages were publicly visible. The introduction of the encrypted messaging feature enables end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the intended recipient can read the messages.

Anatoly Makosov, a core developer of TON, emphasized that this feature allows for personalization of transactions. It has been popular for users to include personalized messages such as “for coffee” or “happy birthday” when sending Toncoin, Jettons, or NFTs on TON. Now, with full encryption, this feature provides an additional layer of privacy.

Makosov also highlighted the potential utility of the encrypted messaging feature in case of an “apocalypse” scenario where traditional messenger servers fail. TON can serve as a reliable and safeguarded method for private communication.

The encrypted messaging functionality is currently available on various retail wallet apps like MyTonWallet, OpenMask, and TON Wallet. The announcement noted that upcoming updates will include the feature in the mobile wallet app Tonkeeper.

In May, the TON Foundation launched a $25 million accelerator program to incentivize app developers to build on the TON network. Additionally, an independent development team created a Telegram trading bot in November to facilitate user onboarding to TON.

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