Tether CTO Asserts AI Prefers Bitcoin Over Centralized Cryptocurrency

During an interview at the Plan B Summer School in Lugano, Switzerland, Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino shared his belief that if artificial intelligence (AI) were to adopt a digital currency in the future, it would likely choose Bitcoin due to its decentralized nature.

Ardoino discussed the potential future where humans merge with AI, incorporating bionic elements and augmented brain capacity. He pointed to Elon Musk’s Neuralink project as an example of efforts to explore enhanced cognition through AI-powered technology. In this hypothetical scenario, Ardoino stated that AI, specifically artificial general intelligence (AGI), would prefer a decentralized currency that no one can control, making Bitcoin a natural choice.

Referring to decentralized currencies like Bitcoin as opposed to centralized ones, Ardoino suggested that machines would opt for a currency beyond human control, especially when it comes to paying for electricity. He expressed the opinion that AI would not choose USDT, Tether’s centralized stablecoin backed by the US dollar.

Ardoino further discussed the potential timeline for the coexistence of humans and AI, estimating it could be within the next 20 to 30 years. However, he acknowledged that the timeframe may vary depending on different focuses, such as reverse aging or incorporating AI and bionic elements into humans to enhance their capabilities.

Highlighting the disruptive nature of the AI ecosystem, major players like BlackRock have recognized it as a prime investment opportunity. The concentration of gains in a few tech stocks within the S&P 500 further emphasizes the relevance and potential impact of AI in today’s world.

While Ardoino’s vision offers an intriguing perspective on the relationship between AI and cryptocurrencies, it remains speculative and subject to the evolution of technology and human development.

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