Surging Hashrate Meets Dwindling Bitcoin Revenue per Terahash, Approaching Historic Lows

The world of Bitcoin mining is witnessing a unique and contrasting scenario as the hash rate, a key measure of the network’s security and computational power, has surged to unprecedented heights while the revenue generated per terahash has plummeted to levels reminiscent of the aftermath of FTX’s collapse in November 2022.

Recently, on August 18, the hash rate of the Bitcoin network reached an all-time high of 414 exahashes per second (EH/s), marking a significant milestone for this crucial metric. This surge represents a remarkable 54% increase from the hash rate recorded at the start of 2023, and an impressive 80% growth over the course of the past year, according to data provided by

While this surge in hash rate is undoubtedly positive for the network’s security and resilience, the situation is not as rosy for Bitcoin miners. Mining revenue, often measured as the dollars earned per terahash per day, has experienced a sharp decline, descending to levels last witnessed during the market downturn that saw Bitcoin’s price plummet to around $16,500 in November 2022.

Presently, the HashPriceIndex indicates that mining revenue stands at a mere $0.060 per terahash per second per day, which is approximately half of what it reached in early May. During that period, the fervor surrounding the Bitcoin Ordinals inscription led to a surge in demand for block space, driving up mining revenue.

Dylan LeClair, a market analyst, highlighted the impact of falling revenue and the peak hash rate, noting that while more efficient mining rigs continue to be developed, it might be time for the price of Bitcoin to catch up. In essence, higher prices are necessary to maintain profitability in mining operations at such elevated hash rates.

Reports suggest that Bitcoin miners have been relying on proceeds from stock sales during the second quarter to stay afloat in the midst of the ongoing bear market. According to Bloomberg’s findings on August 24, major publicly traded mining companies managed to raise approximately $440 million through stock sales during the second quarter of the year.

Mark Jeftovic, the mind behind the Bitcoin Capitalist newsletter, shed light on the situation, stating that certain mining companies are diluting their shareholders at an alarming rate. He emphasized that if a company dilutes its shares more rapidly than the rate at which the price of Bitcoin increases, it’s akin to heading in the wrong direction on a treadmill. This highlights the delicate balancing act miners are currently facing as they navigate the intricate dynamics of mining revenue, hash rate, and market conditions.

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