Polygon Network Welcomes Google Cloud as a Validator

In a significant move within the blockchain sphere, Polygon Labs made a groundbreaking announcement on September 29. Google Cloud, the technology powerhouse behind platforms like YouTube and Gmail, has entered the ranks of validators on the Polygon proof-of-stake network.

This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment for Polygon, as Google Cloud brings its robust infrastructure and technological prowess to fortify the Polygon protocol. More than 100 validators, including prominent entities like Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, are now part of the network, all collaborating to verify transactions and ensure the security of the layer-2 Ethereum network.

Polygon Labs took to X (previously Twitter) to reveal this collaboration, emphasizing that the same cutting-edge technology fueling YouTube and Gmail is now dedicated to securing Polygon’s fast, low-cost Ethereum solutions for users worldwide. Validators play a crucial role in this process, operating nodes, staking MATIC, and engaging in proof-of-stake consensus mechanics.

Google Cloud’s involvement signifies more than just a one-time venture; it’s described as an ongoing strategic collaboration with Polygon Labs. Through a YouTube video titled “Polygon Labs is solving for a Web3 future for all,” released by Google Cloud Asia Pacific, the collaborative efforts are further highlighted.

Polygon Labs, in its pursuit of continuous improvement, launched the “Polygon 2.0” initiative. This initiative, currently in its Phase 0, includes vital proposals such as PIP 17-19. PIP 17 marks a transition from MATIC to the new token POL, while PIPs 18 and 19 focus on technical descriptions of POL and updates related to gas tokens. These transformative changes are slated to commence in Q4 2023, propelling Polygon into an even more dynamic future within the rapidly evolving realm of blockchain technology.

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