“OpenAI Establishes Dedicated Team to Address the Challenges of ‘Superintelligent’ AI Systems”

OpenAI, the organization behind the renowned AI chatbot ChatGPT, has announced the formation of a dedicated team aimed at managing the risks associated with superintelligent AI systems. In a blog post published on July 5, OpenAI stated its intention to “steer and control AI systems much smarter than us” through this new initiative.

While acknowledging the potential benefits of superintelligence in solving numerous problems, OpenAI also expressed concerns about the immense power and potential dangers such systems could pose. The organization believes that superintelligence, which it predicts could emerge within this decade, has the capacity to either disempower humanity or even lead to human extinction.

To address these concerns, OpenAI will allocate 20% of its existing compute power to the project. The organization aims to develop a “human-level” automated alignment researcher that would assist in managing the safety and alignment of superintelligence with human intent. Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s Chief Scientist, and Jan Leike, Head of Alignment at the research lab, have been named as co-leaders of the team. OpenAI has also extended an open invitation to machine learning researchers and engineers to join their efforts.

OpenAI’s announcement comes at a time when governments worldwide are contemplating regulatory measures to control the development, deployment, and utilization of AI systems. The European Union has been at the forefront of implementing AI regulations, with the recent passage of the EU AI Act. This legislation mandates the disclosure of all AI-generated content, among other provisions. However, concerns have been raised by AI developers regarding the potential impact on innovation.

In the United States, lawmakers have introduced the “National AI Commission Act” to establish a commission responsible for shaping the nation’s approach to AI. Regulators in the US have also expressed their intentions to regulate the technology. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has been actively engaging with EU regulators and advocating against over-regulation during his visit to Brussels in May.

Moreover, on June 30, Senator Michael Bennet drafted a letter urging major tech companies, including OpenAI, to label AI-generated content. These regulatory efforts reflect the growing awareness of the need to address the challenges posed by advanced AI systems and ensure their responsible development and deployment.

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