Nike Announces ‘Airphoria’ NFT Sneaker Hunt in Collaboration with Fortnite

Nike, the renowned footwear and apparel brand, has recently hinted at the possibility of releasing a collection of sneaker nonfungible tokens (NFTs) within the popular online game Fortnite, developed by Epic Games.

This move presents a significant opportunity for the adoption of Web3 technology among traditional gamers, as Fortnite boasts a staggering number of active players—over 242.9 million in the past 30 days, as reported by Active Player.

On June 16, Nike made an announcement through its various social media channels, teasing the commencement of the “ultimate Sneakerhunt” on June 20.

The accompanying video showcased the prominent logos of Fortnite and Nike’s Air Max against a backdrop of floating clouds in the sky. It then revealed the name of the sneaker hunt, “Airphoria,” before concluding with the logos of Nike’s Web3 platform, .Swoosh, and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

While details remain limited, members of the NFT community have speculated that Nike may have leveraged Fortnite Creative 2.0 to create an NFT-related game. This new version of Fortnite Creative enables users to construct their virtual island game maps using Fortnite assets.

Observing the recent launch of Fortnite Creative 2.0, which features a robust self-built map mode akin to game creation on ROBLOX, a Twitter user speculated that Nike might have employed this mode to develop a game. It is worth noting that Nike had previously created a game on ROBLOX two years ago, although it did not involve NFTs at that time.

While it is not confirmed whether NFTs will be part of Airphoria, the involvement of .Swoosh suggests that they may indeed be included. Moreover, Epic Games has exhibited a favorable stance towards NFT gaming, further supporting the possibility.

In recent times, Nike’s NFT division has been making strides to penetrate the traditional gaming space. On June 1, .Swoosh announced that its NFTs would be integrated into games developed by EA Sports, the company behind the highly successful FIFA soccer game franchise and other popular titles. However, the specific EA Sports games that will feature Nike NFTs have not been officially confirmed.

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