NFT Games Ads Get the Green Light from Google Starting September 15

In a significant policy update, Google has decided to embrace the world of blockchain-based NFT gaming advertisements, a move set to take effect from September 15. However, the search giant’s updated advertising guidelines come with certain restrictions, chiefly focused on curbing gambling-related promotions.

According to Google’s official blog post on the matter, the revised policy permits ads for NFT games that meet specific criteria. These qualifying games must offer in-game items for purchase, such as virtual apparel, weaponry, or armor that enhances a player’s gaming experience or aids in their progression within the game.

While this marks a notable shift in Google’s advertising stance, it’s crucial to note that advertisements for games facilitating NFT-based wagering or staking, as well as those offering rewards in cryptocurrencies or other NFTs, will remain prohibited. This means NFT casino games and any forms of social betting involving NFTs, cash, or cryptocurrency prizes will continue to be off-limits.

For developers and publishers aiming to advertise content that combines gambling with NFTs, they must adhere to Google’s Gambling and Games policy and attain the appropriate Google Ads certification.

This announcement marks a noteworthy departure from Google’s previous stance. In March 2018, Google imposed a blanket ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising across its platforms. At the time, Scott Spencer, the Director of Sustainable Ads at Google, cited concerns about consumer harm and potential risks, leading the company to exercise “extreme caution” with cryptocurrency-related ads.

However, Google’s approach began to evolve in June 2021, when it loosened restrictions to permit certain cryptocurrency-related ads. Specifically, the update allowed registered entities in the United States, such as cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, to advertise on Google, provided they were registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business or held federal or state charters as banks.

As Google embraces NFT gaming ads, it remains to be seen how this shift will impact the broader crypto advertising landscape and whether other major platforms will follow suit in opening their doors to this rapidly growing industry.

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