Memecoins Defy Bearish Trends, Achieve Double-Digit Growth

In recent days, memecoins have managed to escape the downward trend that gripped the cryptocurrency market over the past week, marking significant double-digit increases.

While Bitcoin has been finding it hard to ignite any upward momentum — hitting its lowest price for the month at $58,554 on June 24 — numerous memecoins have reversed their fortunes, showcasing substantial gains. Prior to this upswing, these memecoins were heavily affected by the broader market downturn.

During this market rally, Dogecoin followed the wider market trend with a 2.4% increase in the last day. Shiba Inu experienced a slight uptick, with a modest 0.15% increase over the same period. However, the most dramatic gains were seen in some of the newer memecoins.

Among these, the Solana-based Popcat (POPCAT) saw a remarkable 50% rise on the day, while Mog Coin (MOG) experienced a 39% increase.

This resurgence in memecoin valuations has not only shifted the market direction but also reinserted memecoins into media discussions, reviving interest following recent declines.

Dogwifhat (WIF), a memecoin previously in the spotlight in 2024 after reaching a market cap of $4 billion, dropped to $1.47 earlier this week, marking a significant low.

Yet, as of June 25, WIF rebounded dramatically, registering a more than 25% increase and recouping most of its recent losses. The coin’s value moved from a low of $1.47 to a peak of $1.94 within a day, stabilizing around $1.83.

Pepe, another significant player among top memecoins by market cap, also enjoyed robust growth, with its price moving from $0.00001028 to $0.00001198, translating to a 13% increase within 24 hours. Other notable memecoins like Floki (FLOKI) and Bonk (BONK) recorded gains of 11% and 16%, respectively.

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