Legal Expert Foresees Trademark Battles Following Twitter’s Rebranding as X

As Twitter’s recent rebranding to “X” takes effect, trademark attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property predicts the company may be facing significant legal battles and potential expenses of over $100 million. The move to rebrand was announced by former CEO Elon Musk on July 23, with the familiar blue bird logo being replaced by a black and white “X” logo.

Gerben warns that Twitter’s decision to abandon its well-known blue bird symbol in favor of a new trademark could lead to trademark infringement lawsuits both domestically and internationally. Already, U.S.-based companies like Microsoft and Meta possess similar “X” trademarks for different products and services, which may open the door for legal disputes against Twitter’s new brand.

The trademark attorney highlights the value of the Twitter brand and suggests that retaining it could have protected the company from potential legal challenges and allowed it more flexibility in using the brand for various purposes.

Since the rebranding announcement, Twitter users have expressed mixed reactions, criticizing the decision as poorly thought out. Some even point out that Elon Musk was unsure about the new name for a retweet in a recent Twitter thread.

The transition to “X” follows Musk’s takeover of Twitter in October 2022, which was marked by various controversial decisions, including dismissing members of the executive team and changing the verification system. The platform’s iconic blue checkmarks were phased out in favor of paid options.

Despite these changes, Musk’s plans for the platform seem ambitious, as he hinted at offering services that could impact “half of the global financial system.” However, such aspirations have drawn skepticism from some users, questioning the viability and thoughtfulness of the rebranding.

As the new identity takes shape, the impact on Twitter’s business and revenue remains a subject of interest. Under Musk’s leadership, U.S. advertising revenue reportedly experienced a significant drop from April to May compared to the same period the previous year.

The legal battles and controversies surrounding Twitter’s rebranding to “X” may have long-term ramifications for the company as it navigates the complex world of trademark rights and brand recognition. For now, Musk continues to actively engage with users on the platform while former NBCUniversal executive Linda Yaccarino oversees the company as CEO.

Only time will tell how Twitter’s transition to “X” will unfold and whether the company can successfully navigate the potential legal challenges that lie ahead.

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