Ledger Unveils White Paper: Introducing a Hardware Wallet Seed Recovery Tool

Hardware cryptocurrency wallet provider Ledger is making progress toward the launch of its highly anticipated solution that allows users to securely back up and recover their Ledger device seed.

In an exciting development, Ledger’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Guillemet, took to Twitter on June 21 to announce the open-sourcing of the Ledger Recover white paper. This marks a significant step forward in the company’s efforts to provide a reliable seed recovery service.

Expected to be launched in Q4 2023 and provided by the renowned digital asset security firm Coincover, the upcoming service has been highlighted as “100% secure” in the white paper. Guillemet reassured users that they can delve into the technical details and examine the service for themselves.

The Ledger Recover white paper, available on GitHub, presents a comprehensive 34-page document that offers a detailed technical overview of Ledger’s solution for backing up and restoring the seed of their hardware wallet.

Within the Ledger Recover repository, three primary operational flows are outlined: backing up the seed, restoring it on a new device, and securely deleting the backups. The white paper also delves into the system design and cryptographic protocol employed by Ledger Recover.

One notable implementation discussed in the white paper involves splitting the seed into shares using the well-established Shamir backup technique for distributing private keys. The document emphasizes that having fewer than the required number of shares provides no information about the actual seed.

A key highlight of the white paper is the flexibility and commitment to self-custody, as users can run the protocol independently from Ledger. This underscores Ledger’s dedication to empowering users with control over their own assets.

It’s worth noting that Ledger’s seed recovery tool has faced scrutiny from the cryptocurrency community. Since its introduction in May 2023, Ledger Recovery has drawn criticism regarding potential vulnerabilities. Mudit Gupta from Polygon Labs and Binance’s founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao, expressed concerns about the tool, questioning its security and the handling of encrypted key parts.

Addressing these concerns, Ledger’s CTO clarified that the new seed recovery solution does not compromise the security of Ledger devices. Guillemet encouraged developers, researchers, and crypto enthusiasts to carefully examine the white paper, gaining a thorough understanding of the wallet’s security mechanisms.

As Ledger continues to innovate in the hardware wallet space, the release of the white paper demonstrates their commitment to enhancing user experience and security. The Ledger Recover solution aims to provide users with peace of mind, knowing they have a reliable and secure method to back up and recover their valuable assets.

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