Lawsuit Filed Against Google Alleging Privacy Violations in New AI Data Scraping Policy

Google is currently facing legal action following its recent privacy policy update, as it stands accused of improper data usage, including the incorporation of copyrighted material in artificial intelligence (AI) training. The lawsuit, initiated on July 11, involves eight individuals who claim to represent a vast number of internet users and copyright holders affected by Google’s privacy policy modifications.

The plaintiffs assert that Google has been surreptitiously amassing data to construct its AI products without obtaining proper consent. They highlight the recent revelation that Google has been clandestinely appropriating online content generated by millions of Americans. By revising its privacy policy, Google now has the ability to employ publicly accessible data for AI training purposes.

The lawsuit not only raises concerns about rights violations but also emphasizes the unjust advantage this grants Google over competitors who lawfully acquire or purchase data for training their AI systems. In a statement accompanying the suit, Ryan Clarkson, the attorney representing the plaintiffs from Clarkson Law Firm, declares that Google must acknowledge the following unequivocally: the company does not possess ownership over the internet, creative works, personal expressions, family photographs, or any other shared content simply by virtue of its online dissemination.

The plaintiffs argue that the term “publicly available” has never implied unrestricted usage for any purpose. Consequently, the lawsuit suggests that Google may be liable for damages exceeding $5 billion. Additionally, it requests a court order mandating that Google obtain explicit user permission first. Such an order would afford users the opportunity to opt out of Google’s “illicit data collection,” delete pre-existing data, or receive appropriate compensation as the rightful owners of the data.

In a separate incident earlier this week, popular author and comedian Sarah Silverman, alongside two other authors, lodged a lawsuit against OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, and Meta, alleging the unauthorized use of copyrighted material in AI training. Prior to this, OpenAI was confronted with another lawsuit concerning alleged data scraping, further exacerbating the legal challenges faced by the company.

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