IOTA’s Promising Outlook: Advanced Technology, Robust Partnerships, and a Billion-Dollar Tokenomics Overhaul

BUILD.5 Association, a long-standing participant in the IOTA ecosystem, has responded to IOTA’s recent announcement regarding the forthcoming Stardust upgrade and changes to tokenomics. This response reflects the organization’s commitment to open discourse and community integration.

The board members of BUILD.5, who hold roles as token holders, founders, and contributors, have consistently demonstrated their dedication to IOTA and the advancement of Shimmer. Their close collaboration with members of the IOTA Foundation has fostered an environment where important strategic decisions are made collectively for the benefit of the entire community. BUILD.5 recognizes the necessity of funding the foundation, nurturing the ecosystem, and expanding into new regions, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Thus, they support the decision to introduce inflation into the protocol.

In alignment with their commitment to positive governance and community engagement, BUILD.5 proposes the following:

  1. Supportive Token Distribution: BUILD.5 plans to donate 1% of their entire $BUILD supply to all #ASMB stakers. This initiative is designed to promote stronger governance and increased engagement on the #BUILD5 platform.
  2. UAE Entity Clarification: BUILD.5 seeks greater transparency regarding the UAE’s role in IOTA’s future. They call for a clear presentation of the UAE board of directors, its mission, vision, and public charter before the Stardust update.
  3. IOTA Foundation Board Expansion: To ensure that all voices within the community are heard, BUILD.5 suggests prompt consideration of expanding the existing IOTA Foundation Board of Directors to include community representatives.

BUILD.5 acknowledges the IOTA Foundation’s strategic shift last year, focusing on core protocol research and development. They recognize their unique role in promoting enterprise adoption, emphasizing their commitment to open-source principles and collaboration with major enterprises. This perspective underscores the significance of governance and transparency in open-source technology.

As the Stardust upgrade approaches, a shared sentiment within the IOTA community calls for increased transparency, broader community participation, and accelerated growth and progress. The present moment highlights the importance of clear communication and collaborative efforts in building a stronger IOTA ecosystem.

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