Google’s Revised Privacy Policy Opens Door to Data Scraping for AI Training Purposes

In a recent update to its privacy policy, Google has introduced changes that grant the company the ability to utilize publicly available data for the training of its artificial intelligence (AI) models. The revised policy, implemented on July 1, now explicitly includes Google’s AI systems, Bard and Cloud AI capabilities, among the services that may be trained using information sourced from “publicly available online” and “other public sources.”

Google’s Revised Policy Conditions Unveiled: July 3, 2023 Update (Screenshot Included)

The updated policy aims to provide transparency to the public and Google’s users by clarifying that any publicly uploaded content could potentially be used in the training processes of the company’s present and future AI systems.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of OpenAI, the developer of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, facing a class-action lawsuit in California. The lawsuit alleges that OpenAI unlawfully scraped private user information from various sources on the internet, including social media platforms, blogs, and Wikipedia, without obtaining proper consent. The legal action claims that such data collection violated the copyrights and privacy rights of millions of internet users.

Twitter’s recent implementation of tweet access limitations based on account verification status has further fueled speculations regarding the practice of AI data scraping. Twitter’s developer documentation states that rate limits were introduced to manage the volume of requests made to the platform’s application programming interface (API). Elon Musk, the former CEO of Twitter, recently expressed concerns via a tweet about the platform being subjected to excessive data extraction, resulting in degraded service for regular users.

As the landscape of AI and data usage continues to evolve, these developments highlight the ongoing debates surrounding privacy rights, data ownership, and the responsible implementation of AI technologies by major tech companies.

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