Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft Collaborate to Launch ‘Frontier Model Forum’ Aimed at Regulating AI Development

On July 26, major technology companies Google, Microsoft, OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT), and AI startup Anthropic announced their joint effort to create a new industry watchdog group aimed at regulating the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

In a joint statement posted on the Google blog, the companies introduced the “Frontier Model Forum,” which will focus on overseeing the safe and responsible development of frontier AI models. Despite governments worldwide initiating efforts to regulate AI development and deployment, the Forum believes additional work is necessary to establish safety standards and evaluations.

The core objectives of the initiative include advancing research on AI safety, identifying best practices for responsible development and deployment of frontier models, collaborating with governments and civil leaders, and supporting applications in AI development.

Organizations that meet specific criteria, such as those actively involved in developing and deploying frontier models, are eligible to become members of the Forum.

According to Microsoft’s Vice Chair and President, Brad Smith, AI technology creators bear the responsibility of ensuring its safety, security, and human control. He emphasized that the Forum’s establishment is a crucial step in uniting the tech sector to advance AI responsibly and address challenges for the benefit of humanity.

In the coming months, the Frontier Model Forum will establish an advisory board to guide the group’s priorities and strategy. The founding companies also plan to consult with civil society and governments to shape the Forum’s design.

Anna Makanju, OpenAI’s Vice President of Global Affairs, highlighted the profound societal benefits that advanced AI systems can offer but stressed the need for oversight and governance to realize their potential.

Earlier, on July 21, leading AI companies, including OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Anthropic, held discussions with White House officials, committing to the safe, secure, and transparent development of AI.

Furthermore, in June, United States lawmakers introduced a bill to create their own AI commission, addressing concerns and ensuring responsible practices within the industry. As the AI landscape continues to evolve rapidly, collaborations like the Frontier Model Forum signify the industry’s commitment to responsible development and the positive impact of AI on society.

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