FTX Founder Contemplated Offering Trump $5 Billion to Abstain from Presidential Run

In a recent revelation from Michael Lewis, author of the book “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon,” former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) reportedly considered paying Donald Trump not to run for the United States presidency. Lewis shared this surprising insight during a 60 Minutes interview on October 1st.

According to Lewis, the book delves into SBF’s world, shedding light on his unconventional thoughts and decisions. One of the startling revelations was SBF’s contemplation of offering Trump a substantial sum, with the figure of $5 billion being discussed. Lewis emphasized that this revelation might appear shocking to some but is characteristic of SBF’s unconventional thinking.

SBF’s rationale behind such a proposition was his perception of Trump as a potential threat to democracy in the United States. Lewis indicated that SBF viewed Trump as an existential risk, prompting him to consider drastic measures.

Additionally, the book revealed that SBF had been exploring the legality of this unusual proposal. However, this plan never materialized due to financial constraints. SBF, at that point, no longer possessed the $5 billion required for such an offer.

The backdrop of these revelations is the aftermath of FTX’s collapse in November 2022. Lewis vividly described the scene, comparing it to the aftermath of Pompeii, with belongings abandoned and frozen in time. The fallout was significant, with employees leaving abruptly, even leaving company cars with keys inside at the airport curb.

SBF’s legal challenges also loom large. The high-profile trial against him is set to commence on October 4th, following jury selection starting on October 3rd. The trial encompasses seven fraud cases against SBF, including two substantive charges where the prosecution must convince the jury of Bankman-Fried’s involvement in the crimes, along with five other conspiracy charges.

As the details surrounding SBF’s unconventional decisions continue to emerge, the upcoming trial is poised to be a significant moment, shedding light on the complexities and controversies surrounding the former FTX CEO.

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