Elon Musk’s Legal Team Hits Back at Motion to Remove Tesla from Dogecoin Case, Labeling it as Frivolous and Time-Wasting

Lawyers representing billionaire Elon Musk and Tesla have vigorously objected to a motion that seeks to have them sanctioned for alleged conflicts of interest in a $258 billion lawsuit involving Musk’s alleged involvement in an illegal racketeering scheme linked to the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

In a response filed on July 6, Musk and Tesla’s legal team addressed the motion filed by Evan Spencer, an attorney representing the plaintiffs in the case against Musk. Spencer contended that the defendants’ legal representation, referring to them as “yes men,” posed a conflict of interest as they were concurrently representing both Musk and Tesla. The complaint argued that the defense counsel’s loyalty was solely to Elon Musk.

In their response, Musk and Tesla’s legal team did not hold back, repeatedly characterizing Spencer’s motion as “unsubstantiated” and “frivolous” even in the table of contents of their filing.

According to the defendants’ legal representatives, under New York law, there is no conflict of interest in their representation. They asserted that legal teams are permitted to represent both company officers and the companies themselves, except in cases where the two entities are in legal opposition. The July 6 filing stated:

“Spencer’s Motion […] is an egregious abuse of process, yet another fanciful work of fiction by Spencer in a long chain of such pleadings, a waste of this Court’s time, and an insult to undersigned counsel, well-regarded members of the Bar of this Court and recently admitted by the Court pro hac vice.”

The response also addressed allegations made by Spencer that Tesla’s legal team leaked a letter to the New York Post, allegedly disparaging Spencer’s propensity for filing frivolous motions to intentionally delay court proceedings.

Musk’s and Tesla’s lawyers refuted the claim that they leaked the letter and, in their filing, countered that Spencer himself introduced the letter to the public and the jury by docketing and presenting it in the June 25 motion.

The legal battle surrounding the Dogecoin case continues to unfold as both sides present their arguments before the court.

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