Elon Musk Accuses Mark Zuckerberg of Cheating in Twitter vs. Threads Battle

Elon Musk, the executive chairman of Twitter, has accused Meta, the parent company of Facebook, of “cheating” in the release of Threads, a text-based social network resembling Twitter.

In a social media post, Musk expressed his acceptance of competition but firmly stated his opposition to cheating. This statement follows a letter sent by Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in which legal action against Meta was threatened.

Spiro’s letter, dated July 5, outlined Twitter’s intent to rigorously enforce its intellectual property rights and demanded that Meta immediately cease using Twitter’s trade secrets. According to the letter, Meta had recruited former Twitter employees who had access to confidential information, including trade secrets, and allegedly utilized this information to expedite the development of Threads, a copycat application.

The letter also served as a formal notice to Meta to preserve any relevant documents related to the dispute between Twitter and Meta, as well as documents involving former Twitter employees now employed by Meta.

Spiro emphasized that Meta is prohibited from engaging in any crawling or scraping of Twitter’s followers or following data without prior consent from Twitter.

On July 5, Threads, Meta’s new text-based social network, was released in 100 countries. The launch followed a recent incident on Twitter when the platform temporarily imposed rate limits, restricting the number of posts users could read.

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