Crypto Twitter’s Visibility on Google Takes a Hit as Rate Limits are Slashed

The recent implementation of rate limits by Twitter is having a significant impact on the visibility of tweets from the platform on Google’s search engine, resulting in a decrease in the dissemination of information shared on the popular microblogging site.

SearchEngineLand, a trusted source in the web search industry, has reported that Google Search has experienced a significant drop in the number of indexed URLs from Twitter over the past few days.

On July 3, the outlet observed a decrease of more than 60% in the search engine saturation of Twitter results, with only around 180 million tweets being indexed by Google.

The Verge also shared a statement from a Google spokesperson on July 4, acknowledging the limitation in crawling and its impact on the display of tweets and pages in search results.

Noted SEO consultant Glen Gabe pointed out a decline in search visibility of Twitter accounts, attributing it to Google’s inability to crawl those URLs due to Twitter redirecting non-logged-in users.

Technologist Barry Schwartz conducted his own tests, which revealed a similar drop-off in the indexing of tweets.

Twitter’s executive chairman, Elon Musk, controversially imposed temporary limits on the number of daily posts users can read, citing concerns about data scraping and system manipulation.

The crypto community, heavily reliant on Twitter for communication and information sharing, has strongly criticized these restrictions. With decreased tweet visibility on Google, there will be a reduction in the exposure of crypto-related content originating from Twitter.

In response to the limitations imposed by Twitter, the decentralized Twitter alternative Mastodon has experienced a surge in activity and an increase in active users.

It is worth noting that Meta-owned Instagram is preparing to launch its own Twitter rival called Threads this week, which may provide users with an alternative platform for sharing and engaging with crypto-related content.

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