ChatGPT Witnesses 10% Decline in Traffic During June Following Initial Surge in User Engagement

According to data provided by Similarweb, a traffic analytics site, ChatGPT witnessed a 9.7% drop in desktop and mobile web traffic in June. The number of unique visitors to the site also decreased by 5.7%, while the average time users spent on the site declined by 8.5%. In the United States, the month-on-month decline in traffic for ChatGPT amounted to 10.3%.

Despite the decline, ChatGPT remains ahead of competing AI chatbots such as Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing, and Character AI in terms of website traffic.

Some speculate that the decrease in traffic may be attributed to students being on summer break and the initial novelty of the AI chatbot wearing off for users. However, a community member countered these claims, noting that the data did not account for traffic from ChatGPT’s recently released iOS application. This user suggested that the drop in traffic may simply reflect a change in how users access ChatGPT.

OpenAI launched the mobile application for ChatGPT on iOS on May 18, initially releasing it in the United States with plans to expand availability to other countries in the following weeks.

In related news, Lightning Labs, the development firm behind the Bitcoin Lightning Network, introduced tools that enable AI to send and receive Bitcoin on its layer-2 solution. The release of these tools aims to enhance payment efficiency, affordability, and accessibility for developers working on AI-focused projects.

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