Bitboy Crypto’s Ben Armstrong Arrested on Livestream Amid Lamborghini Dispute

Prominent crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, previously recognized as BitBoy, has found himself in a highly publicized and dramatic situation. Reports suggest that he was arrested while live-streaming outside the residence of a former business associate, whom he claims is in possession of his Lamborghini.

Before commencing the live stream on YouTube, Armstrong cryptically hinted at his intentions, stating that he would be “going live soon from a very special location.” Shortly thereafter, he was broadcasting live from the premises of Carlos Diaz, a consultant and NFT investor known to have connections to the HIT Network.

During the livestream, Armstrong unleashed a tirade of allegations, asserting that Diaz had hostile intentions towards him and even insinuating ties with the Houston mafia. He boldly proclaimed, “I’m not scared of you Carlos,” as tensions ran high.

On September 26th, Carlos Diaz confirmed Armstrong’s visit to his residence, further intensifying the unfolding drama.

The backdrop to this incident lies in the recent separation between the HIT Network, which controls the “BitBoy Crypto” brand, and Ben Armstrong. The separation was attributed to issues related to substance abuse and financial harm inflicted upon employees.

Since the separation, a series of legal actions and retractions have transpired involving various parties. Armstrong’s appeal for donations on September 20th to cover his legal battles stirred significant controversy within the crypto community, adding yet another layer to this ongoing saga.

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