Binance Labs Backs Developer of ZK-Proof Web3 Infrastructure

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance, has entered the fray of zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) technology investments with its recent backing of Delphinus Lab’s innovative ZK-proof-powered Web3 infrastructure.

The firm has unveiled its strategic investment in Delphinus Lab’s zero-knowledge WebAssembly (zk-WASM) virtual machine, heralded as the first publicly available open-source virtual machine to provide support for both ZK computation and the development of application software kits.

Binance Labs is investing $2.2 million into Delphinus Lab. These funds will be directed towards the continued advancement of the zkWASM Hub, an application rollup platform that will offer automated proving and batching services tailored to Web3 applications.

Integral to the broader internet landscape, WebAssembly (WASM) functions as a virtual machine, enabling the execution of code from widely-used programming languages directly within web browsers. WASM emerged from a collaborative effort involving tech giants Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Apple back in 2017.

The new infrastructure aspires to facilitate the creation of ZK applications across various developer languages, all deployable across environments supported by WASM. ZK-proof technology is well-regarded for enhancing the security and privacy features of decentralized applications.

One of the standout features of the zkWASM Hub is its capacity to seamlessly integrate GitHub applications into its ecosystem via an automated compilation and updating mechanism.

Delphinus Lab has also introduced a range of application-specific software development kits in multiple languages for diverse applications. These encompass dynamic programmable non-fungible tokens, fully on-chain games, high-performance trustless Central Limited Order Book (CLOB) systems, and trustless oracles.

Sinka Gao, CEO and Founder of Delphinus Lab, expressed a vision for the creation of Web3 decentralized applications that marry Web2’s robustness with Web3’s decentralized and trustless attributes. Gao emphasized that the zkWASM Hub provides an efficient multi-chain execution layer, enabling developers to smoothly deploy and manage their WASM-backed apps within a dynamic rollup environment.

In addition to its support for Delphinus Lab, Binance Labs disclosed its broader investment strategy, which centers around scalability-enabling projects and application layers designed to onboard more users to the Web3 ecosystem. A spokesperson highlighted the firm’s commitment to innovative technology and critical infrastructure, specifically mentioning modular blockchains, liquid staking decentralized finance protocols, and ZK-proof solutions.

The transformative potential of ZK-proof technology is underscored by its role in scaling the Ethereum ecosystem. Notable industry players such as ConsenSys, Polygon, and ZK-proof pioneers StarkWare have spearheaded ZK-powered technologies and infrastructure developments.

Illustrating ZK-proof’s real-world impact, decentralized Web3 data service Space and Time has harnessed the technology to cryptographically verify information queries within its network. Through its Proof of SQL, Space and Time generates succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge (SNARKs), cryptographic proofs that validate data queries in its decentralized data network, instilling trust in the accuracy and integrity of queried data.

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