Biden Seeks $100 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine and Israel from Congress

In a significant move, President Biden has proposed a $100 billion emergency aid package for Ukraine and Israel, according to reports from Bloomberg. The aim of this package is twofold: to provide additional support to Israel in the wake of the recent Hamas attack and to continue the ongoing aid to Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

Currently, the US Congress is diligently working on crafting a joint emergency financial aid package that encompasses Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Israel, in particular, urgently sought emergency military aid from the United States to bolster its efforts in the conflict with Hamas. Sources familiar with the proposal revealed that the White House is strategically linking aid to Hamas with the proposed aid to Ukraine. This linkage is intended to exert additional pressure and facilitate the passage of the aid package for Ukraine, which has faced challenges gaining approval in the Republican-controlled House.

In response to the crisis, President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Israel tomorrow. During his visit, he will engage in discussions with the Israeli cabinet and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Following these meetings, President Biden is expected to make official statements, likely addressing the aid packages for both Israel and Ukraine.

Crucially, the aid package under consideration will also encompass funding for border security. This inclusion could prove pivotal in swaying the Republican House, which has shown particular interest in border security measures. Although the Office of Management and Budget declined to provide specific details on the package, it is evident that strategic efforts are being made to garner support for both Israel and Ukraine.

It is worth noting that this proposal comes after a previous request from the White House, which amounted to $24 billion in assistance for Ukraine. However, this initial request covered a limited three-month period. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed his anticipation that the administration would submit the request by the end of the week. He emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “We’d like to get the supplemental package moved as quickly as possible because the needs are great in both Israel and Ukraine.” The rapid response underscores the gravity of the situation and the importance of international support during these challenging times.

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