Ben Armstrong’s Legal Troubles Unveiled: Potential Fines or Jail Time Loom

Crypto personality Ben Armstrong, previously recognized as ‘BitBoy,’ encountered a dramatic turn of events as he found himself in police custody and confronted with two charges following a high-profile arrest.

Armstrong’s arrest took place on September 25th while he was live streaming outside the residence of a former associate. He spent slightly over eight hours in detention, as confirmed by the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office.

Although he has since been released on bail, Armstrong now faces charges of “loitering/prowling” and “simple assault by placing another in fear,” with a bond set at $2,600 and an additional $40 in fees.

In the context of Georgia law, “loitering or prowling” generally pertains to situations where an individual is present in a location or manner that is unusual for law-abiding citizens, raising justifiable and reasonable alarm or immediate concern for the safety of people or property nearby, as explained by the Georgia-based law firm Lawson & Berry.

The penalties for a misdemeanor of prowling and loitering in Georgia can encompass a fine of up to $1,000, imprisonment for up to one year, or both, according to the same source.

On the other hand, “simple assault” may involve either attempting to inflict a violent injury on another person or engaging in an act that causes someone to reasonably fear an imminent violent injury.

Much like loitering, a conviction for simple assault in Georgia is typically classified as a misdemeanor. However, there are circumstances where this charge may escalate, according to legal experts.

After his release, Armstrong appeared to make light of his situation by sarcastically stating, “My name is Ben, and I’m a loiterer. I did a whole 8 hours in the slammer.”

He later added, “I’m taking a week’s break from social media,” and clarified, “No, not because of the memes,” on September 27th. Armstrong’s mugshot quickly circulated on social media platforms within the crypto community.

The incident unfolded on the evening of September 25th when Armstrong visited the residence of his former associate, Carlos Diaz, alleging that Diaz had his Lamborghini in his possession.

The livestream and subsequent tirade continued for approximately 19 minutes before local law enforcement arrived, leading to Armstrong’s arrest.

Prominent crypto trader “EmperorBTC,” with a following of 360,000 on X social media platform, emphasized that this incident should serve as a lesson for everyone in the cryptocurrency community.

This latest episode is part of an ongoing dispute between Ben Armstrong and the Hit Network, which controls the “BitBoy Crypto” brand. The company and its executives severed ties with Armstrong in August, citing concerns related to substance abuse and financial harm to employees.

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