Barbie Star’s Statement on Bitcoin Talk Sparks Strong Reactions in the Crypto Community

Australian actress Margot Robbie, known for her role in the upcoming Barbie movie, recently made a statement that has caused ripples in the crypto community. In an interview with Fandango on June 22, Robbie mentioned that discussions about Bitcoin among her husband, Tom Ackerley, and television producer David Heyman reminded her of the traits of Ken, Barbie’s fictional companion portrayed by Ryan Gosling.

The crypto community on Twitter, including notable figures like MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor and social media influencer Layah Heilpern, reacted with mixed responses to Robbie’s comments. Saylor even referred to Bitcoin as “Big Ken Energy” in response. However, Layah Heilpern interpreted Robbie’s remarks differently, seeing it as an insult towards men who talk about Bitcoin.

Psychologist Mark Travers from Awake Therapy offered a different perspective, suggesting that having Ken’s energy might indicate someone who is selfless and adaptable in various situations. Travers highlighted that the character of Ken challenges traditional gender stereotypes, as he takes a supportive role in Barbie’s universe.

Robbie acknowledged that defining “Ken energy” is subjective and not easily defined. It’s more of a sense or feeling rather than a specific attribute.

Some members of the crypto community saw Robbie’s comment as a positive sign for the industry. Steven Lubka, a managing director at Swan Bitcoin, expressed optimism and shared his belief that “we are so back” on July 29.

Robbie’s remarks about Bitcoin were brief and neutral, but they come at a time when several celebrities face legal actions over their involvement in promoting cryptocurrencies. NBA Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler recently sought to be removed from a $1 billion class-action lawsuit related to the promotion of unregistered securities by Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange. Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, along with YouTubers Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) and Graham Stephan, are also challenging similar allegations in the same lawsuit.

While Robbie’s comments sparked discussions and various interpretations within the crypto community, it remains to be seen how they might influence or impact perceptions about Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts in the broader context of the industry.

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