Arthur Hayes Predicts AI’s Potential to Propel Bitcoin Price Beyond $750K

Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX, has expressed his belief that Bitcoin will emerge as the currency of choice for artificial intelligence (AI), leading to a potential price per coin of $760,000. In his recent essay titled “Massa,” Hayes argued that the AI revolution will naturally gravitate towards Bitcoin.

Hayes asserted that while fiat currency regimes are expected to become increasingly dysfunctional in the future, the AI sector will experience substantial growth and become ubiquitous. He highlighted the rapid advancements in computing power, which he believes will trigger a significant transformation as AI becomes integrated into everyday life.

According to Hayes, when it comes to financial solutions, Bitcoin, with its immutable fixed supply, digital scarcity, and status as “energy money,” is the logical choice for AI. He argued that AI would not rely on any system operated by a human government, making Bitcoin and gold the most suitable options. However, Bitcoin surpasses gold due to its purely digital nature, censorship resistance, provable scarcity, and electricity-dependent intrinsic value.

Hayes projected that the real impact of AI on the BTC price will occur in approximately three years, with the network value boost from AI alone potentially driving the BTC/USD price to nearly $1 million over the next decade. He emphasized the importance of forming a narrative that takes hold before the peak of growth investing in 2025 to 2026.

Hayes acknowledged that his predictions are aimed at creating a narrative that the market could embrace, leading to potential overpayment for Bitcoin network growth. He noted that the market stands to gain the most when the perception shifts from “can never happen” to “maybe could happen.”

Arthur Hayes has gained recognition for his bullish long-term outlook on Bitcoin and has previously advocated for a million-dollar price target, linking it to the disintegration of fiat currencies.

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