Apple Takes Action: Purging the App Store of Malicious Trezor App

In a commendable move to safeguard its users, Apple has promptly taken down an apparent malicious app masquerading as the popular crypto hardware wallet Trezor from its App Store. However, a deeper search reveals the presence of other copycat apps that continue to pose a threat.

Rafael Yakobi, the Managing Partner at Crypto Lawyers, recently sounded the alarm about Apple’s App Store. He discovered that the top search result for “Trezor” was an insidious app designed explicitly to pilfer users’ cryptocurrencies. Yakobi wasted no time in cautioning Apple users, alerting them that the counterfeit “Trezor Wallet Suite” app would deceitfully request their seed phrase, ultimately enabling the unscrupulous operators behind it to abscond with their entire crypto holdings. He expressed concern, stating, “This app has been up for weeks, although the total number of victims is unknown, it could easily be in the hundreds or thousands.”

While CryptoGrafos scoured the US version of the App Store and failed to locate the malicious app described by Yakobi, it appears that Apple’s cleanup efforts may not be entirely comprehensive. A search for “Trezor Wallet Suite” yielded another potentially malevolent application titled “MyTREZŌR Suite: One Edition.” Notably, this suspicious app had received only two reviews, both serving as warnings about its fraudulent nature and its intention to abscond with users’ crypto assets. Hence, it seems that Apple still has some work to do in purging its platform of such threats.

Apple remains resolute in its claim that the apps available on its official App Store undergo rigorous scrutiny and vetting procedures to ensure users’ security. However, the safest course of action for downloading mobile applications related to crypto wallets is to obtain them exclusively from the official websites of the wallet manufacturers themselves. While there is indeed an iOS app provided for Trezor users, it primarily functions as a complementary tool with limited capabilities.

According to reputable Apple news outlet, the tech giant has been known to adopt a rather stringent stance towards crypto-related apps, permitting their inclusion only under stringent circumstances. The outlet astutely observes that despite Apple’s assertion that the App Store is a trustworthy platform, one that combats sideloading, the reality is that even Apple cannot entirely eliminate the presence of scams from its App Store.

Regrettably, fake wallet apps infiltrating Apple’s App Store is not a new phenomenon. As early as 2021, a user reportedly suffered a devastating loss of $600,000 worth of Bitcoin after unwittingly downloading a malicious Trezor app from the App Store.

In conclusion, while Apple has taken commendable action by removing the malicious Trezor app, it is imperative for users to exercise caution and remain vigilant when engaging with crypto-related applications, especially on third-party platforms. By prioritizing official websites and conducting thorough research, users can significantly mitigate the risks associated with fraudulent apps and safeguard their valuable crypto assets.

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