Alibaba Set to Back Meta’s AI Model Llama, According to Reports

Alibaba, the prominent e-commerce group, is poised to become the first Chinese company to harness the potential of Meta’s open-source artificial intelligence (AI) model, Llama. The move is aimed at empowering developers with zero-cost access to cutting-edge AI capabilities.

According to a report by Reuters, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of the Chinese conglomerate, has rolled out a Llama 2-based solution. This solution allows businesses to develop software and tools that leverage AI capabilities. The official statement from Alibaba Cloud’s WeChat account highlighted the launch of the first training and deployment solution for the entire Llama2 series in China, encouraging developers to create custom large models on Alibaba Cloud.

Meta, previously known as Facebook, unveiled the Llama2 model in July 2023 as a free-to-use service, rivaling popular AI models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Meta intends to offer Llama2 for free to companies with less than 700 million monthly active users, further expanding access to its AI technology.

While Microsoft remains Meta’s preferred partner for developing generative AI tools, the company aims to provide wider access to foundational AI technology. Meta’s open approach supports companies worldwide in building products on Llama2, and cloud providers can incorporate the model into their offerings. Additionally, research efforts exploring the safe and responsible deployment of large generative models are also encouraged.

Alibaba Cloud’s adoption of Llama2 positions it alongside other leading cloud computing services like Amazon Web Service (AWS) tapping into the vast language model capabilities offered by Llama2.

The integration of Meta’s AI model presents an interesting prospect in China, given that Facebook, along with Twitter, YouTube, and other Western social media and content platforms, has been banned in the country since 2009. This collaboration could potentially reinforce ties and create opportunities for further technological advancements in China.

As the AI field continues to evolve, the United States has moved to restrict the sale of specific AI processing hardware chipsets in June 2023. This decision aims to maintain a competitive advantage in the rapidly developing AI tools sector.

Cointelegraph has reached out to both Alibaba Cloud and Meta for further details on the Llama 2 integration but is yet to receive a response. The collaboration between these two tech giants promises to open up new horizons in AI research and application for businesses worldwide.

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